A Vegan Cookie Company

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Baking with Compassion

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Founder, Nancy Wadsworth

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Baked with huge chocolate chunks and perfected with such a gooey and soft texture, no doubt they are true old fashioned style cookies. The mint ones are my favorite-I have to add, some of the best cookies I have ever tried.

Issac A., Los Angeles, CA

Absolutely awesome cookies!

Tim H., Toluca Lake, CA

OMG Nancy, are you kidding me? You're a genius! ! Absolutely love them I'm going to tell everyone!

Matthew P., Little Valley, NY

Awesome.  Was going to save half for later but not possible.  Yum!

Molly J., Glendale, CA

I am a huge fan of Delicious Yogini cookies!  I purchase them regularly for my friends, my family and myself.  The flavors are wonderful.  I highly recommend Delicious Yogini!

Talin H., Glendale, CA

SBA Certified Women Owned Small Business (WOSB)