I Dressed Up My Dogs - They Forgive Me - (repost by popular demand)

Not being one for putting clothes on dogs, and, yes, my dogs are big and just want to be dogs so no expensive outfits or cutsie wootsie thingies on them either. Our dress up is the scarf they wear after a bath.

But, it was the holiday season with festivities all around. The dogs didn’t exactly say they wanted to look festive unless I can get away with “they said it with their eyes” baloney. But my cute resistance was down and my festive spirit was up. They are understanding dogs and as they looked at me with their big brown trusting eyes I put clothes on them. I put the brakes on just before adding sparkles.

Now, in my defense, this was for a photo. We do the same Santa photo every year and last year had to be different from the year before. Why? Creativity or perhaps I was disguising my basset boy as the first year he lifted a leg when walking by the Christmas tree prop. Basically he wrote his name in the fake felt snow while I fell all over myself apologizing to Santa and his elf the patient and talented photographer. I must say my shepherd girl behaved beautifully.

So, there we were again in line for our Santa photo hoping that we were welcome. I planned to, and did buy, some doggie goodies after the photo as I was still making up for the previous year’s lifted leg. This is just the kind of situation that makes me talk too loud. Yes, I wanted all witnesses to the leg lift to know that I was spending some money – oh yeah look at me on my apology tour. My voice was working hard on extra loud as my purchases became more extravagant.

Photo taken without incident, purchases made – job well done! I took my four-legged beauties to the car holding my head high carrying my purchases and Santa photo.

We will return again this year and have made plans to meet friends for the photo event. The dogs will be dressed in scarves only unless I can find some jingle collars or reindeer antlers (forgive me). Money will be spent and we will have our festive Santa fun.

The beauty of these wonderful furry friends we call dogs is that they love you when wearing clothes or collars and seem to understand, and accept you always. I ask them daily “are you having a good life?” Wagging tails make me think so.

Happy Holidays

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