North Hollywood Cookie Company is a Semifinalist in a Nationwide Competition

Delicious Yogini, of North Hollywood, Calif. bakes with humanely sourced ingredients. One of six semifinalists in the nationwide Samuel Adams Brewing the American Dream Video Pitch Competition.

North Hollywood Cookie Company is a Semifinalist in a Nationwide Competition


North Hollywood, Calif. (Sept. 2016) – With no shortage of chocolate chip cookies on the market the choices can be overwhelming. Recent studies have shown that consumers are more concerned with sourcing of ingredients than fat, sugar and sodium content. Delicious Yogini is one of the first food companies with animal welfare and humanely sourced ingredients at the core of its philosophy.

The market for thoughtful food continues to grow rapidly.

“Recent revelations in the realm of nutrition and health mean "people are turning to foods they shunned just a couple of years ago," reports the New York Times. Market research shows consumers are now paying more attention to artificial ingredients and animal welfare and less to fat, sugar, and sodium content than they did a decade ago" writes Whitney Filloon of EATER in her April 22, 2016 article Animal Welfare and Ingredients Lists Now Matter More Than Fat and Sugar Content.

These values have brought us into the semifinal round of the nationwide Samuel Adams Brewing the American Dream Video Pitch Competition. We have been chosen as one of six semifinalists on the basis of pitch quality, creativity, passion and product viability. Votes are needed to move us into the final in-person pitch round in Boston, Mass.

With organic Free-Trade and Rainforest Alliance Certified chocolate and sugar available, organic free-range eggs easily obtained and family farms allowing third party watch groups onto their farms to ensure animal welfare we created a cookie sourced and baked with these compassionate ingredients.

Snacks and desserts flood our grocery aisles and reading all ingredients can be unreadable and daunting. Our cookies have been baked with high-end compassionate recognizable ingredients with a label that is easily understood.

Taking Grandma’s chocolate chip bar cookie recipe and tripling the chocolate with dark chocolate thrown into the mix was our starting point. We do not compromise on our ingredients and consumers can be confident that they are enjoying a cookie with high values.

The taste speaks for itself with five star reviews supporting the deliciousness. The humane ingredients make these cookies a worthy snack food. We are changing the way consumers buy and enjoy their delicious treats.

“I had a Two Chocolates Orange Cookie today and it was amazing! I love how this Bakery uses organic materials and actually cares about the animals from which the ingredients come. Mixing values with great food is something we need more of these days! Thanks for the great cookie”, says Christopher D.

“Oh, also, a tip that she gave me tonight. Try freezing the cookies and eating them straight from the freezer. I did it with the mint chocolate ones and WOW! Very yummy”, remarks S.P.

Our signature is pairing flavors with our Two Chocolates. Two Chocolates Mint is our original with Two Chocolates Orange being our most popular. Simply Two Chocolates is a delicious choice for the many purists.

We now need your vote Southern California! We are the only Southern California Small Food Business to move forward to the semifinals in the nationwide Samuel Adams Brewing the American Dream Video Pitch Contest.

We love our home base of North Hollywood and are thrilled to be representative of small food companies. The grant would help us bring our amazing cookies to grocery freezers in early 2017.

You can vote once a day every day through September 23, 2016 to get us into the finals. We are grateful for your support North Hollywood and Southern California!

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We offer a delicious cookie you can feel good about eating.

About Delicious Yogini LLC
    Delicious Yogini was founded in 2010 with the purpose of creating the most amazing Two Chocolates Cookie ever and to offer a way of eating a snack with humanely sourced ingredients. We offer all three flavors (Two Chocolates Mint, Two Chocolates Orange and Simply Two Chocolates) in our elegant cookie gift boxes sold through our website and shipped across the United States. # # #
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