Q: Your Cookie Label says "Baked with Compassion". What does this mean?

A: Our cookies are Vegan and therefore baked without animal products.   We bake with Free-Trade Certified organic chocolates and sugars.  We use palm oil from farms that have been certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil protecting the environment and the native orangutan. 

Q: I see that some of your ingredients are organic and others are not. Can you be specific?

A: Our cookies are baked with 70% or more organic ingredients. We use organic Free-Trade and Rainforest Alliance Certified organic chocolates and sugars. The remaining ingredients are natural and we do not use preservatives.

Q: I am lactose intolerant.  Can I eat your cookies?

A: Yes.  There are no animal products in our cookies including dairy.

Q:  I love real food.  How are your cookies flavored?

A:  All of our flavors come from baking with real food.  For example, we use fresh banana and chunks of ginger as well as other real ingredients.  We do not use extracts in any of our cookies. 

Q: I have heard that some baked good use bleached and bromated flour. How is your flour produced?

A: We bake with flour that is unbleached and is not bromated.

Q: Non-GMO (genetically modified organisms) is important to my family and me. Do your cookies contain any GMO ingredients?

A: No. Organic ingredients are all non-GMO.  Our other ingredients are also non-GMO.  For your information, quoting the United States Department of Agriculture "There are no transgenic wheat varieties for sale or in production in the United States at this time". We are not verified by Project Non-GMO at this time but purchase and bake only with ingredients that are non-GMO.

Q: I am now hooked on Delicious Yogini cookies and want to find them in a local store. How can I find a store near me?

A: Store locations are listed on our Store Locations page.

Q: I am looking for a donation for a non-profit organization I am involved with. Do you donate cookies for fundraising?

A: We do! We receive many requests for donations and would love to be a part of your fundraising effort. It is best for us to arrange our donations in January. However, if you are local to Los Angeles please call and we will do our best to be a part of your event. For Delicious Yogini to donate to your cause your organization needs to fit into the following: be all-inclusive and non-political.

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